Volunteer for the Cause

Jim has lived and worked pretty much in Plantation all his life.

Attending South Plantation High School, Jim played football and wrestled for the Paladins and also worked outside of school as an intern at several radio stations during his Junior and Senior year.

Upon graduating from South Plantation in 1978, he furthered his broadcasting studies at the University of South Florida – Tampa, earning his B.A. in Broadcast Communications and Merchandising/Advertising.

During college Jim had the opportunity to put his vocal cords to good use, working for several Tampa area radio stations, and also worked part-time as a photographer for Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF) based in Tampa. Of course with his background in wrestling from High School, and the “performing” bug that had bit him early in High School, it wasn’t long before Jim started training and began wrestling professionally on the Florida Circuit for CWF. He enjoyed a storied career in professional wrestling, wrestling all over the world including Japan, Korea, Mexico, Haiti, South Africa, and several tours in Europe. Along the way Jim won several regional and state championships including the World Heavyweight Championship on three occasions and the World Heavyweight Tag-Team Championships on five (5) different occasions with four different partners.  Jim continued to “wrestle” for over two decades and retired from the squared circle in 2009.

After graduating from UOFT in 1983, Jim worked for different radio stations in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, but missed South Florida, and thus returned home to Plantation in 1985.  At that time he decided to move in a different direction career-wise and began working for the Rick Case Automotive Group in 1986, first as a Auto Dealership Parts and Service Manager, and then 17 years ago he began working directly with his employer putting his degree in Marketing and Advertising to work, and has never looked back.

Jim’s interest in Veterans came natural as his Father was a WWII Veteran, and throughout the years before he passed, Jim’s Dad would share his experiences as an Investigator with the CIC and his involvment in the Nuremburg War trials at the end of the war.

Jim’s hobbies include photography, and anything creative, including web design, video and print creative and production, and as a founding member, Jim is deeply involved with what his Mother-In-Law calls his “Ministry”…Honor Flight South Florida.

Jim along with his wife Donna and his daughters Bonne and Julia reside in Plantation, Florida.