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Welcome to Vitual Honor Flight
What is Virtual Honor Flight?

For a variety of reasons, some veterans are just not able to make an Honor Flight to Washington DC. It is a long day, normally 16 to 18 hours.

It may be an ear problem, a circulation problem, some other medical issue that the veteran's physician deems significant that will not allow them to fly. Perhaps their spouse is in poor health and the veteran does not want to leave them for a day, or simply the veteran may feel that the trip up and back to Washington DC the same day is just too much them. 

Honor Flight South Florida plans special ceremonies for these veterans... 

We call it "Virtual Honor Flight - A Mission of Thanks - An Honor Flight Experience".

For those revered heroes that can't fly, now they too can now experience what it is like to go on an Honor Flight to Washington DC.

The excitement of the day is captured in full high definition video. Starting with early morning check in at the airport, the flight to Washington, visiting the memorials built in their honor, including the World War II Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery and watching the changing of the guard, the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial, and so much more.

Throughout the entire documentary the veterans will experience first hand what it is like to be on an actual Honor Flight. All the events of a full 16 plus hour flight day all packed into this incredible 40 minute documentary.

And for the veterans, some BIG surprises too!

If you are a veteran, or you know a veteran who would enjoy experiencing an Honor Flight without really leaving South Florida, Just click HERE.

Check back on this page often as Honor Flight South Florida conducts VHF Ceremonies in local high school auditoriums, VA Hospitals and other locations throughout South Florida.

We owe so much to the veterans who have preserved our freedoms and way of life. They have sacrificed so much.

Plan on being part of something truly special.

It will touch your heart and soul.