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Dear Honor Flight South Florida Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I advise you of the passing of WWII veteran and ardent Honor Flight South Florida supporter, Buddy Galvin on Wednesday, November 21, 2017

Buddy has been the “face” of Honor Flight South Florida since our inception four years ago.  He was a humble man who served his country 75 years ago.

He was one of the first WWII veterans who, after his Honor Flight to DC in October 2013, helped us in so very many ways.  He spoke in front of audiences dozens of times, often before the very young, talking about his experiences three quarters of a century ago, and for his love of the mission of Honor Flight South Florida.

He was always there for us, at fundraisers and presentations.  Many of you will also remember Buddy for his loyal attendance at so many of our general meetings, willing to talk to our newest volunteers about his love and support of our mission, and why he felt, from a veteran's point of view, the mission of Honor Flight is so important.

We will miss you, Buddy.  And you will remain in the hearts of the countless Americans you touched during your tireless and selfless support of your Honor Flight South Florida family. 

Rick Asper
Chairman - Honor Flight South Florida
Buddy was one of the earliest volunteers at the formation of our South Florida hub, back in the days when just a handful of volunteers met in a small classroom.

He was also a likely candidate to be an honored veteran on our inaugural flight, so he had to be sent out of the room on “tasks” when secret aspects (mail call…) of the flight were discussed.

When it came time for the flight, Buddy asked to be a paying guardian, but was respectfully denied the honor in order to comply with national Honor Flight guardian guidelines. Instead, he was asked to be a veteran on that maiden flight, and I was ever so fortunate to be assigned as his guardian.

Thanks to his energy and spirit, I spent the day chasing him around the monuments while pushing an empty wheelchair. Along with my daughter, who was guardian for another veteran that day, we quickly fell in love with Buddy and his incredibly inspiring attitude toward life. It was the start of an inspiring friendship that endured over the past few years, and we will miss him so much.

For any of you contemplating the worth in signing up to be a guardian, trust me, it is priceless. The one day accompanying the veteran is reason enough, but what follows can be a lasting relationship. Buddy was a true friend. Godspeed Buddy

Rich Georgi