Q: How do I get to the airport on flight day?

You are required to provide your own transportation to and from Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

Q: What form of identification is required to get through security at the airport?

Every person has to have some form of government photo ID to get through security. This includes driver's licenses up to a year old, passports or birth certificates if they have a photo identifying them. You can also go to the DMV and get a state issued ID
Q: Are meals served on the flight?

Breakfast is offered at the airport prior to boarding the plane. Lunch and dinner are provided during the trip.

Q: How can I find out information on upcoming flights and the Homecoming?

Please check our website and Facebook page periodically for flight updates. The general public is always invited to welcome our returning hero’s home the evening of the flight. (For security purposes, it is not recommended the public come to the airport the morning of a flight.)

Q: What can I do to help?

DONATIONS are gratefully accepted from all non-veterans and more information is available on the “Donate” page on this website, just click HERE. There are also various events held around South Florida and throughout the year to help raise the necessary funds. These are highlighted on the “News and Events” page of our website under “Events.”

VOLUNTEERS are also needed. It takes many dedicated volunteers to make these trips happen. Click on the “Volunteer” button above for more information on volunteer opportunities. Then, click on the Application button to fill out a volunteer application.

Q: What if I require a wheelchair or oxygen?

WHEELCHAIRS - A number of our veterans require wheelchairs, and our deluxe motor coaches are ordered based on how many require a wheelchair lift. If a wheelchair is required for a veteran to use occasionally during the flight, one will be provided. If the vet has their own wheelchair, they may bring it. If further information is needed, email us. Click here:

OXYGEN – If a veteran requires oxygen, their health care provider must supply a prescription for it which identifies the delivery method (mask or nasal cannula), frequency (as needed or continuously), and the rate of delivery (liters per minute). You also must obtain an oxygen concentrator from your oxygen provider that you can use on the airplane. Batteries for it should be capable of lasting a minimum of 4 hours. Bring all charging cables with you. Once in DC, you will be on bottled oxygen while we have the concentrators re-charged for you for our flight back to Fort Lauderdale.

Q: Who is in charge of the program?

Honor Flight South Florida, Inc. is part of the Honor Flight Network whose governing board establishes general protocols, policies and credentialing, maintains a national website and oversees several programs. Honor Flight South Florida, Inc. has an independent board of directors composed of  individuals from various backgrounds,  all dedicated to the success of the mission to bring our WWII veterans to Washington for a day of honor. For a complete list of our board, click on the "Contact Us" button above.

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