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The newest initiative of Honor Flight South Florida is “Flags of our Heroes, conceived by Dee Soli, a HFSF Board Member.

It is Honor Flight South Florida’s desire to show the respect so richly deserved to our deceased veterans and their families. Even though they may never see the memorial, we want to provide the families with the opportunity to know that their family member was shown the highest regard and respect at the memorials.

Honor Flight South Florida receives from the family of the deceased veteran a photograph of the veteran from during the Veteran’s Service to our country, as well as one from later in the Veteran’s life.  The photographs are then digitized and placed in a framed 30” x 20” poster with the insignia of the branch of service in which they served.

Honor Flight South Florida also provides, if needed, a memorial flag and case.  Both the memorial poster and flag/case are carried into the memorial by active military personnel, and are on display the entire time the group is at the memorial.

Several memorable keepsake photographs are taken of the Flags of our Heroes ceremony at the memorial. Then, after the trip to Washington DC, the Memoriam Poster, Memoriam Flag and Case as well as all the digital photographs are given to the family.  The family also receives an 8 x 10 framed certificate from Honor Flight South Florida, commemorating the day and the Veteran’s service to our country.

To view recent Flags of our Heroes Video from actual Honor Flights, Please click HERE.

If you are interested in honoring a deceased veteran from your family in this way, please contact Honor Flight South Florida by email, just click below:


Or by phone at 855-359-1838.