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Countdown to Rescheduled Flight - Sept 23
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Subject:  Honor Flight South Florida (“HFSF”) Rescheduled Flight

Dear Veteran, Elite Guardian and HFSF Volunteers;

First, I'm hoping everyone came through this terrible storm safe.  A lot of downed trees, fences, and more importantly, I know some of you are still struggling with no power.  Safety and health come first, and hoping everyone is, in some small order, getting their lives back together.

How about some GREAT NEWS after several scary days.  Many of you have contacted me on what is to become of the canceled flight?  The veterans?  The Elite Guardians?

I’m delighted to say that I was able to reschedule our flight date to DC to give our veterans and Elite Guardians one of the best days of their lives. A day of honor for them to visit and reflect at their memorials.

The flight is on for Saturday, September 23rd. Yes, it is only a week and a half away, but group, we can do this! 

Please keep watching your email for announcements, and of course the HFSF Calendar. To view the HFSF Calendar, click HERE.

Again, we know a lot of you are still without power but have ingenious ways to keep our cell phones charged and working.

Let's do this...  

With great appreciation for your unwavering support for all of our veterans... 

Rick Asper
Chairman, HFSF

Honor Flight Rescheduled for Saturday, September 23rd