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Join Our All-Volunteer Brigade!

As the last of the Greatest Generation approach their final chapters of their lives, and for some, the final paragraph, it is a race against time to make sure we honor and salute these oldest of our American Veterans, thanking them for their sacrifice and honorable service to our country

Unfortunately, a WWII veteran passes away every 90 seconds in our country. They take their stories, history and enormous bravery with them.

But many are among us still. There is no way we can repay the gift of freedom, but with your help we can thank and honor them with a free trip to Washington DC to see their memorials, built in their honor.

These men and women sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom.

We need everyone’s help.

Simply, our biggest challenge is reaching out to all of these deserving WWII Veterans that live throughout our communities here in South Florida, and to let them know about this “trip of a lifetime” that awaits them.  

But “Networking” is the one of the most effective and best ways to “spread the word”.

What is networking?.  No, you do not have to be a computer engineer.

Networking is easy.  It's word-of-mouth.  Talking to your neighbors, you friends at work, your local watering hole that serve those really good adult beverages, sewing clubs, the Gym, your place of worship and anywhere you go.  The supermarket, hairdresser.  Think about all the people you come in contact with.

Spreading the word is the key to serving and honoring as many WWII Veterans as we possibly can, in the shortest amount of time as possible.

Everyone knows someone, who knows a deserving WWII Veteran.

Remember, time is of the essence.

Passionate word-of-mouth  about our mission is absolutely key to reaching every WWII Veteran in South Florida.

And don't forget to ask your friends and coworkers to help you and us spread the word. Just refer your friends to this page:


Join in this noble cause. Make a difference in a veteran’s life.  It will certainly change yours.

Below are buttons/links that you can tell your friends to use so when they reach out to the WWII they know, it is simple, easy and secure to register the veteran on-line for the next honor flight. There is also a button to download and print out a mail-in application form.

Also below is a link to our support materials where you can download social media / facebook ad postings to use to help spread the word about this most important mission.